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Using Bosh with PCFDev

How to use the bosh cli together with PCFDev

Peter Kern

2 minute read

The installation of PCFDev on my local notebook was initiated by a single command. After the command completed I had a minimal footprint Cloud Foundry deployment on my local machine. But how did this happen?

PCFDev Virtual Machine SSH Login

How to login via ssh to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCFDev) virtual machine on your local linux notebook.

Peter Kern

3 minute read

If you start PCFDev on your local machine then a single virtual machine is running on top of host os and provides a subset of the cloud foundry components. For normal use cases it is sufficient to use the web interface and the cf command line for a developer.

Enable 2 Factor Authentication in Cloud Foundry

How to enable 2FA with Google authenticator in Cloud Foundry UAA

Peter Kern

8 minute read

Cloud Foundry comes with a feature rich multi tenant identity management service called UAA (User Account and Authentication). If you have already used Cloud Foundry this is the service where you log in to your foundation. Just in case you did not know the Cloud Foundry UAA is also OpenID Certified.

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